Grow Old Along With Me

I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of this project. I always wanted to do my own wall quote decor without (again) spending a lot of money. I had a leftover of antique white paint in my basement from a previous project and this wall decor was perfect to make use of the leftover paint. I like that I just freehand wrote the quote and the best part of this was that the project was finished in one day!

So I made a list of the materials needed and I made sure I spent as little as I possibly can. I went to Lowe’s and bought some wood boards and had it cut according to the size I needed. Then went off to the craft store and bought a clay colored paint and some frame hanging hardware. Expenses totaled to about less than $15, only  because I already had some of the materials I needed. 

Materials needed:
    1 4×8 wood board (I used pine that was already primed), cut into 5 18-inch pieces (or you can cut into 5 equal       lengths)
    1 2×8 wood board (I used the unfinished kind, much cheaper, besides it was just for the back of the frame), I had
    2 20-inch pieces cut from this board and the leftover on this wood can be used for a future project
    paint (2 colors)
    wood glue
    some nails (long enough to hold the frames and the backing together)
    frame hanging hardware

The fun part begins:
Glue all the wood panels together and leave it to set for an hour. Making sure laying them withthe back side up. I used a primed wood so both sides have smooth finish.


Glue the 2 thinner pieces of wood on the back and leave for another hour. Put a weight on top or clamp them together.

Secure the board with a few nails on the back to hold the frame together.
Make sure the glue is dry before flipping the frame to show the front.
Secure again with some nails on the front.
Brush the frame with the antique white paint. Let dry. Add another coat if desired. Let dry then sand to make it look distressed.
Apply one or two coats of the clay colored paint. Let dry and then sand again.

Pencil in the quote that you would like to paint later on.
Paint the words using the antique white paint (or you may use a white paint marker). Let dry.

Attached the hanging hardware on the back and voila!!! It is ready to go!!!

And there it is hanging in our bedroom.

PS…this is one of my favorite quotes taken from Robert Browning’s poem circa 1864. Hope you like it!!!


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