A Cup of Coffee,Birds Singing & a Good Read

Sitting by the fire in the morning accompanied by the sound of birds chirping, a cup of coffee and a Harry Potter book, well that’s THE life!!!

Couldn’t be more happy to be away from work and enjoy what nature has to offer. 

A little damp in the morning from last night’s rain. Chipmunks seemingly roam around uncaring whether the ground is wet or dry, and so do I. From a distance, a faint sound of coo-cooing is absolutely music to my ears. Husband said it was a dove. My guess was owl but obviously there’s a lot to learn about bird sounds. 

You would think I would sleep in today. But I chose to get up early just so I can be in communion with nature and all that it can offer. Clearly, there is a sense of insurmountable happiness. Being peaceful, being able to just let nature sink in.

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