Faye’s Stuffed Cabbage (Halupki)

Stuffed Cabbage

Last month, I found my husband’s family cookbook, the Lower Family Cookbook. Like I said on my blog, I can’t wait to make the recipes in the cookbook. Oh you missed that blog? Click here to read about it. This recipe that I made today is one of them. It is a recipe by Faye Lower Kegarise, my husband’s great Aunt. I made a few tweaks tho. In fact, I had to do a little bit of math on her recipe because it looks like the recipe was for a BIG crowd.Darn, I am so bad at this, I mean Math. Now I am thinking, she probably brought stuffed cabbage to their reunion???
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The Living Locket Contest 2014 – winner declared!

Hi guys, I am so excited to reveal who the winner is for this contest. But first, I wanna say thank you so much to all who entered,much appreciated. I thank you all for the continued support.

To the winner, please send me your mailing address. Just fill out this contact form.

I also want to thank my son who despite the fact that he just woke up, he was more than willing to pick the winner. Such a trooper.

Alright, without further ado, here is your winner! Congratulations!!!

Tune in for more contests in the future!!! (Do I hear some sponsors??? wink wink!!!)

Oh by the way, this made me laugh…so my son asked, “really, do we have to use a pretzel jar?”…